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Personnalized support

Creaden strives to offer courses
which correspond to all levels of knowledge and experience;

Come with your project or one of the turnkey projects offered by Creaden.
Noëlle, calligrapher and artist, will accompany you
and will give you the necessary bases to carry out your project.


Take advantage of an adapted and equipped space as well as the skills of your guide.

Carnets relié avec couverture rigide au motif marbré. Couture de reliure en contraste croisée et apparente.


Make your notebook

French craftsmanship of choice, the contemporary book binding will allow you to shape your hand-stitched notebook in A5 or A6 format. For yourself or to offer, you will choose your cover as well as the paper (kraft, laid, canson, dots, etc.).
Learn to glue the covers and sew your notebook using the Coptic or Crisscross technique, it takes about 3 hours to make a notebook.
For the youngest (under 10 years old) and those in a hurry, a soft-cover notebook is available.

détail d'une calligraphie en Gothique avec une planche pédagogique et du matériel de calligraphie


The art of writing beautiful letters

Latin calligraphy is your host specialty!
With nearly 10 different styles available, with nibs, brush pens or brushes, you will have the choice.
Here we prefer it traditional and with a mettalic nib, but you can even practice it with a pyrographer!
Learn this ancestral art, or more simply improve your daily handwriting, for a discovery or a regular practice.

matrice de linogravure représentant un motif punk de tête de mort en train de fondre avec une impression de ce motif, une gouge et un rouleau de linogravure


Engraving and printing made easy

Linocut allows you to engrave a pattern on a soft surface in order to create a mould. From this mould, it will be possible to print several copies of your work.
The course will begin with a work of drawing which will have to be simplified to allow a beautiful realization.
You will then be explained how to engrave the soft plate and several prints will be necessary to adjust your mould.
At your chisels!

sculpture de bulldog avec des facettes dite low poly


Make my unique works

The paper sculptures are works by Noëlle Jaouani which represent animals.
These are original works with facets, their realization is long but so satisfying. It is done in three stages: cutting, folding and assembling.
Currently 4 models are available for production at the studio.

détail d'un faire part fait main


Realize your projects

Here we like drawing, with pencils, pens or nibs. We love Indian ink, gouache and acrylic.
But here, it is not taught like in art schools. We will work on your projects and teach you the useful techniques for carrying them out.
However, if a project seems too ambitious, we will offer you an intermediate level to guarantee the success of your achievement.

poste de travail de cartonnage comprenant un mode opératoire, une planche de découpe, du matériel pour tracer et marquer, de la colle blanche. Personne en train de réaliser un portefeuille


Build your project

Make your own custom cardboard box or small furniture. We have ready-made models but we can also help you to create a unique model to meet your needs.
Cardboard is accessible from the age of 16 because it requires the use of a cutter to cut thick cardboards.

détail d'un faire-part avec une grue et un bébé en origami


The art of folding has no more secrets

Origami is an ancient Japanese art.
Ideal for making small decorations and to relax, it is a good way to make something beautiful with little.
Accessible from an early age, some models also require dexterity and patience!

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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