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extrait du catalogue de la calligraphe
extrait du catalogue de la calligraphe
extrait du catalogue de la calligraphe
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étiquettes en calligraphie chancellerie
photo de la calligraphe en action
main de la calligraphe
Portrait de la calligraphe
carte de voeux 2020 réalisée par la calligraphe
commande pour la calligraphe attendant d'être empaquetée
invitations et enveloppes réalisées par la calligraphe
Réalisation de la calligraphe et matériel
demande en mariage calligraphié à la plume
carte d'anniversaire en calligraphie anglaise
carte de voeux de la calligraphe
fair part en calligraphie créée sur mesure par la calligraphe
matériel de calligraphie et feuilles d'exercice proposée par la calligraphe

Latin calligraphy services

Your Stationery

Envelopes, invitations, placement cards, signs, etc.

A unique expertise

An artisanal work so that your stationery is exceptional.

A rich catalog

With a choice of 15 calligraphies and the possibility of having your own


& Information

Call +33 6 82 78 00 62

or send an email

Quality craft

Obtain a result that meets your requirements.


The calligrapher gets in touch with you to check the result you want: color, style, layout. She will be able to advise you among the 15 calligraphies in the catalog or create a custom one for you on request. Samples can be sent to you to be sure that the final rendering will suit you.


It is normal that the work is delivered on time and verified. In addition, the calligrapher will be able to adapt to any quality of paper for a clean rendering. The work is done primarily with metallic nibs and gouache unless specifically requested; this allows a cleaner and finer work and a more contrasted rendering.


The work provided is never presented online, the date of your events, your choices and the list of your guests will not be disclosed. We do not communicate about our customers or the services we provide. Because your customers and guests don't want their names to appear on our social networks.


We know what events are: guest lists modified at the last moment and other hazards. Flexibility and responsiveness are part of our business.

An emergency? Call Noëlle, your calligrapher. She will tell you what is feasible and in what time frame and will provide you with an estimate. Your project is entrusted to the right pen.

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