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main de la calligraphe tenant une plume de calligraphie et page d'exercice avec des mots calligraphiés en spencerian

Professional training

Our training courses are aimed to a public in employment or in professional conversion.

Each training includes for each participant an educational handbook, a follow-up booklet

as well as supplies and stationeries necessary for monitoring the training

and the continuity of its activity in calligraphy.

Our training can take place at your premises.

All training can be given in French and English.

Calligraphe pour l'industrie du luxe

42 hour training

around a calligraphy

and a writing

to learn how to make
place cards, envelopes
and name-tages
like a professional calligrapher.

The content adjusts to the specific needs of the company.

An elegant and effectien handwriting

24 hour training

to finally be proud
of your handwriting.

Learn an elegant cursive,

our pedagogical method anchors

the right automatisms

and allows you

effective, fast and elegant note taking skills.

Calligraphy & letters expression

42 hour training 

for graphic designers.

You will discover the letter history

and learn

a panel of calligraphy styles

to fulfill all your needs.

You will have the necessary tools

to exploit

the letter in your work.

5 000 ans d'écriture

72 hour training

to explore

Latin calligraphy.

From the first capital letters of ancient Rome to the cursives used on the New York Stock Exchange

at the beginning of the 20th century,

take a trip back in time

to work

the 12 major calligraphy styles

that have staggered

the history of Latin calligraphy.

Découverte de la calligraphie

24 hour training 


Study a calligraphy style

to the point of being autonomous

and discover the fundamentals

of the layout.

The nib will have no more secrets

for you.

Custom-made training

Do you have a specific need?

Contact us so that we can establish a custom program

and educational course.


Do you like our work? Contact us for more information.

Thank you for what you sent !

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