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The crafts

The creations offered on this site are all designed and shaped by Noëlle Jaouani. Some can be done by you, at home or at the studio

These works are registered and are in limited edition.

The choice of sculpture themes is reserved to the artist. The development of a sculpture can take up to hundred hours. It is performed in several steps:

- the study on the chosen animal and the existing species

- several study drawings of the animal in different postures and at different ages

- the choice of sex, age and posture

- the drawing from different angles of the animal

- 3D modeling from drawings

- the cutting of the facets

- the flattening of the sculpture to edit it on paper

- the development of a prototype, if the result is not fine enough it will be necessary to start again at the modeling stage

- the definition of the operating mode for a coherent realization.

Noëlle Jaouani can also, on estimate, carry out cardboard crafts, calligraphy or bookbinding.

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